• Board of Directors

  • President

    Sadhisha Ambagahawita

    Sadhisha is excited to transform the OGLCC into a fully revitalized organization that is once again at the forefront of building connections and representing the business and professionals within the expanded community.  

    Sadhisha comes to the role with 10 years of Program and Project Management experience within the Financial Services Industry. While working to serve the large financial corporations professionally, Sadhisha has continued to volunteer with initiatives that promote entrepreneurs, small business, and social causes. He believes that these initiatives/causes are vital to the success of the larger corporations and that there are mutually beneficial relationships that can be forged. Having overseen the management and implementation of multimillion-dollar national programs in the past Sadhisha currently works as Portfolio Manager at Symcor Inc.

  • Vice-Chair

    Josh Brooks

    Josh joined the OGLCC in 2017. He was inspired by the value and strength the OGLCC provided in connecting the LGBTQ2S entrepreneurs, professionals, and allies across Ontario for a more inclusive and diverse forum. As Vice-Chair 2018 he is excited to help further the growth of members and their business through innovative programming and business development initiatives.
    Josh started his career with the TD bank in Vancouver and has worked in several diverse markets since. This has allowed him to strengthen his critical thinking and strategic planning abilities to support the communities he’s worked in. For the last 8 years, Josh has actively participated in many LGBTQ2S programs to better the employee and client experience. He is a firm believer that being your authentic self while embracing your unique experiences is the catalyst for success.  

  • Director of Finance

    Phillip Chisholm-DeVeau

    Phillip joined the team to help revive the Ontario Gay and Lesbian Chambers of Commerce. He believes that with the current team, the OGLCC can meet the needs of Ontario’s LGBT2S owned and operated businesses.
    Phillip came from a background of business management and ownership, where he gained an intimate knowledge of business ranging from day to day operations, development, financials, planning, period reviews, reconciliation, and how all these individual pieces are paramount to the success and growth of your business. Phillip is the Founder & Managing Director of SpectrumX. His goal for SpectrumX is to develop and grow a business that facilitates each of our client’s growth and success.
    Phillip is a Coach associated with the International Coach Federation (IFC), Business Consultant, and a Certified Bookkeeper with the Canadian Institute of Bookkeeping.

  • Secretary

    Ryan Curzon

    Having spent his career in Corporate Canada, Ryan has witnessed a sea change in corporate thinking as progressive businesses have come to embrace diversity and inclusion in their hiring practices as a source of competitive advantage. Ryan believes better integrating LGBT professionals, entrepreneurs and businesses into the economy is the next step in building a thriving and inclusive corporate sector and the OGLCC is the ideal platform to progress this goal.

    After graduating from the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University's Math/Business program, Ryan began his career in RBC's derivative department and quickly rose into management. His subsequent roles in the OMERS pension plan and Oxford Properties Group revolved around tackling complex challenges with a focus on promoting operational excellence. Completing a CFA and MBA along the way, Ryan believes that lifelong learning is critical to remaining relevant in today's economy and hopes to embody that view in the OGLCC Board's activities.

  • Director of Business Development

    Lindsay Johnson

    Lindsay is passionate about building strong communities while connecting you deeper to yourself, your business, and the world around you.

    She has spent over 20 years in the world of marketing, sales, leadership training and business development. Her business development company, The Radical Connector, teaches first-time entrepreneurs how to build their businesses from scratch. Lindsay’s passion for supporting strategic growth and connection with entrepreneurs keeps her busy coaching, speaking, and facilitating workshops throughout North America.

    As Director of Business Development Lindsay is thrilled to be bringing her community building and business development strategies to help grow the OGLCC and the businesses of its members.

  • Director of Marketing

    Maxim Rakov

    Maxim creates a vision and makes it a reality through sound marketing and communications strategy development. He believes the world can be a better place with more entrepreneurs, who are capable of bringing diversity and inclusion to their industries and OGLCC is the right organization to make a difference.

    Maxim started his career almost 15 years ago in international creative and advertising agency, building it up to senior and executive levels in global companies and organizations, such as United Nations Development Program, PepsiCo, Avon, Leo Burnett, etc. Maxim is focused on helping his employers and clients to maintain a strong reputation and establish sound corporate social responsibility agenda. He led multiple projects and internationally awarded campaigns in sustainable development in Europe, Middle East, and North America. 

  • Director of Sponsorship and Events

    Alexandra Matveeva

    Alex is excited to be on the board of OGLCC and revitalizing this organization along with passionate and knowledgeable colleagues. As a professional and as the COO of an LGBTQ women's group she understands the value that OGLCC brings to the table and the need in the community for a strong, province-wide organization.
    Alex understands the amount of dedication and persistence it takes to build a community around a brand, having built one herself. Having put on a number of events throughout the years she understands how vital personal interaction is and how much an organizations presence translates into its success. She comes from a finance background having worked in various roles within wealth and is currently working for TD Wealth.

  • Director of Membership

    Ariel Magil

    Ariel is passionate about improving financial literacy and is excited by the idea of helping owners and employees of small- and medium-sized businesses grow personally and professionally in sustainable and meaningful days.
    Ariel’s career in the financial services industry has spanned over 20 years in many capacities, including branch management, financial planning, and operational risk. Ariel currently works as a regional sales manager with TD Bank, where he was instrumental in setting up the bank’s LGBT network in 2005, and providing thought leadership in the advancement of TD’s diversity direction as it relates to the LGBTQ2 mandate.

  • Director of Membership

    Wayne Chodikoff

    Wayne understands the value of having access to strong LGBTQ2 networking and business development organizations and contributes his knowledge and experience in building the OGLCC success.  

    Wayne has over 20 years of experience working in both a small family business as well as large corporations, such as Unilever and Sears.  His focus was on decision support and finance and he brings his analytical and technical strengths to his current role as an associate consultant with Investors Group.  Wayne works with professionals and small business owners to assess their current resources, define their objectives and build out their personal financial plans.

  • Director of Technology

    Jarret Leaman

    Jarret is a Two-Spirited Anishinaabe (Ojibway) man from Magnetawan First Nation. Jarret firmly believes in the importance of building inclusive communities to help with economic growth and prosperity. OGLCC allows Jarret to help create a positive impact on the LGBTQ2SA community in Ontario.


    Jarret is currently the Business Partner responsible for Philanthropy and Business Development at Troon Technologies.  Jarret is also the founder of the Centre for Indigenous Innovation and Technology, which was created in response to the under-representation of Indigenous Peoples in the technology and innovation sectors in Canada. Previously, Jarret has held senior roles with the Council of Ontario Universities, the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business, the Aboriginal Professional Association of Canada and the Aboriginal Institutes Consortium.